Interior & Exterior Designs

Make It A Work Of Art!

Every aspect about a house generally has an incredible amount of thought and care that has been applied to it prior to it finally taking shape as a structure made of brick and mortar. Each room is carefully thought out, as far as dimensions and layouts and even colours may be concerned.

Of all the rooms in your house, the room that you spend the most amount of time in is the pantry. This is the room where food is made and sometimes, food is consumed. Where much of the storage of a house is done, and often the very room by which those living in the house generally enter on a daily basis. This is also the room where stories are told, hearts are mended and relationships strengthened. After all, what room could be more special than the one that is aglow with the fresh fragrances of baking cookies and savor curries wafting through the air?

Needless to say then that a fabulous kitchen design in Melbourne is a very important point to consider when constructing your pantry.

From where the tables and counters lie, to where the refrigerator and the oven are placed, to where the windows and vents should be installed to where the cupboards will lie, the kitchen design that one creates and adheres to is of utmost importance indeed.

Pantry cupboards today are available in a breathtaking range of materials and finishes. From creating the old fashioned homely look and feel of wood, to the modern, clean and sleek look of aluminum which is easy to clean and keep sanitized at all times, the world is definitely your oyster as far as the look and feel of your pantry is concerned.

Today’s pantry cupboards are also not limited to mere cupboards and drawers. Oh no! Today you will find more functional spaces where the insides of a drawer will come out as you open it, so that you don’t need to bend down and crawl inside the cupboard in order to find what you’re looking for. The drawers roll on smooth casters making them nothing short of a luxury to handle.

Special spaces can be carved in for all those appliances that you love, which make your life a little easier, and make your pantry more glamorous. Your microwave oven for example can be upon a bracket that is at eye level making it easier for you to see how the food inside is doing while the oven it turned on. Make a little space even for your television or radio, to keep you company as you work your magic in there and turn out the most delicious and nutritious meals ever!